Whitaker Point • Hawksbill Crag- Arkansas – Eureka Springs

The cliff photos were taken at Whitaker Point – (Hawksbill Crag) south of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The back story is, I had mentioned to Erin about going to this mountain on our way back to Texas. She was super pumped and agreed we needed to do it. So off we go on Sunday after her wedding, to seek this location. Little did we know how scary the road to it was. Literally my tires were hanging off the cliff in some areas. Once we arrived there, we had to pack her dress in a bag, Kaleb carried his suit, my husband carried my gear, I was in charged of the bouquet and off we went….3 MILES of HIKING!! The path was pretty rugged and dangerous but once we arrived to the cliff, it was all worth it. It has become a big tourist spot. There were over 50 people there when we arrived but were nice to move and give us 5 mins to get all my shots. When you are standing on the cliff, we are over 500 feet high with the strong wind blowing in every direction. I’m scared of heights but I don’t know how I managed to do it lol. Where I go the shot, I really had no room to move around. It was do it or go home kinda deal. I’m so happy we had to chance to do it and I want to thank Erin and Kaleb for being so cooperative and adventurous.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas