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Should We Do a “First Look” at Our Wedding?

This will be a question asked by your wedding professionals. We need to
accommodate the scheduling for it and really it affects the flow of the day.

You get to share an intimate moment in PRIVATE.
Emotions are high and the nerves, butterflies in the stomach are at full force so sharing a private moment with your love one before the ceremony to smile, laugh, enjoy each other before saying I-Do and to reaffirm to each other why everyone is there. Instead of having 200 eyes on you, its only you two together and the raw, real true personality will be captured.

It allows couples to enjoy more of the day together and with our bridal party & family. You can walk around and look at the set-up, talk about the cake, catering, all the little details and enjoy your first steps to the rest of your lives without have your cousin Ted or Aunt Betty pulling your arm. Really and truly couples hardly NEVER have time alone on THEIR special day.

You will have more time for photos, the ones that will be framed and mounted on the walls of your home.
Couples who choose to do a first look spend more time with the photographer and have time to get a lot of the formals out of the way before the wedding. Typical time spent after the wedding is 45mins to almost an hour BUT when a first look is down, we can cut that time down so you can get the the reception as soon as possible to party with all your friends & family.

Daylight Savings
If your wedding is during daylight savings, you will lose precious sunlight so to get all those amazing shots that you loved on pinterest and my website, we will need to start shooting before the sun goes down.

I’ve never had a couple complain about DOING a first look but I’ve had couples regret not doing it.  2014oct4_wedding-374 2014oct4_wedding-459lindseykelsey-347wedding0416-422wedding0416-445 1010wedding-612 1010wedding-647 046 2014_926wedding_2741205wedding-641 1114wedding-829 1017wedding-622 1017wedding-743 1017wedding-669CONS
Tradition & Excitement
If you want to stay with tradition and wait till the doors open to see her for the first time, then it may take that excitement away. This is a modern style of shooting and if you want to stay with tradition all the way, then this may not be for you but remember that you still have a ton of photos to take after the wedding.

It’s bad luck to see each other before the ceremony
The idea that it’s bad luck to see your betrothed before you get to the altar originated when marriages were more commonly arranged and the bride and groom would be kept apart just in case one didn’t like how the other looked.

Hair & Makeup
You will need to be ready 3 hours before the ceremony to document the first look and get most of the photos out of the way so if you don’t want to stress out your entourage, this may not be for you.reaction 0522wedding-1331 0522wedding-1347 0523wedding-1094 0523wedding-1079 0430wedding-925 0517wedding-9842014_927wedding_1071-1elmwood2014_1108-1259elmwood2014_1108-1319TashaBrett-123