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Vintage Pink Inspirational Photography Session • Mary & Matthew

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Stylized Spring Session
I saw this vintage pink dress from the 50’s at my friend antique store in Tyler, Found Objects, and told myself I have to shoot a stylized session with this dress! I didn’t look far and asked my friends, Mary and Matthew, who have been married of the past 4 years and will be celebrating their 5th anniversary this year! This session was inspired from the movie, The Notebook and Pleasantville.I love that era from the 40s-50s when love was very innocent and the outfits were so classy.

Mary is wearing a lovely pink sheer gown and white shawl from the 50’s era.Matthew is actually wearing his grandfather’s pink shirt! Bouquet consists of red garden roses, white spray roses, dusty miller stems created by myself.Hair and makeup was designed my myself as well, giving her a fishtail and simple natural tones to complement her pretty blue eyes.

After a walk in the park, who doesn’t like a romantic dinner with candles and delicate delicious cakes, fruits and french macaroons. I had never made macaroons in my life and omg they are so the best! I used old wine bottles as candle holders and used my mothers vintage gold candle holders that she had hidden in her attic. The whole set up was done by myself and looks quite lovely.